memulai bisnis saya sendiri (membuat stiker dan cetakan + menjual di etsy)

memulai bisnis saya sendiri (membuat stiker dan cetakan + menjual di etsy)

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sejak saya masih kecil, saya suka pergi ke toko alat tulis dan tempat-tempat seperti lobi hobi untuk mengambil kertas tempel lucu, stiker mengkilap, dan gulungan pita washi yang indah. untuk mengatakan bahwa saya telah memulai toko kecil saya sendiri dari rumah akan membuat linh sedikit bangga. inilah (agak tidak) perjalanan informasi dan semi-emosional pembukaan pers belimbing wuluh! semangat untuk awal yang baru.

tanda tangan,

Terima kasih telah menonton! 🌻

s h o p m y e t s y ! (saat ini tutup untuk restock)

m u s saya c

f a q’ s
Berapakah umur Anda? 18!
apakah kamu orang vietnam? ya!
editornya pakai apa? iMovie, seperti orang kampungan!
pakai kamera apa? canon g7x mark ii.

media sosial
spotify: roh hutan

pertanyaan bisnis:

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Mudah-mudahan video diatas bisa menambah ide dan tambahan kreativitas. Jika mau cetak stiker online silahkan kontak tim percetakan stiker online. Bisa datang langsung ke percetakan atau bisa order online via Whatsapp +6281214165774

48 thoughts on “memulai bisnis saya sendiri (membuat stiker dan cetakan + menjual di etsy)

  1. I wanted to start a stationary small business since
    Journaling supplies are fairly expensive in my country
    And i'm kinda poor') i don't even have a laptop of my own not to mention printers and all that fancy machines…… yah.

  2. tryna find inspiration since me and my friends want to start a sticker shop in 2022, too. more power to your shop! i'm a new subscriber by the wayyyy

  3. Hey we built a website builder from scratch to make it easier for small businesses and independent projects. The goal is to support everyone who are handling wayyy too much. It's still in early access, but would love to see if people are interested. We made a promo video

    Hope we can help as many people as possible!

  4. I totally agree with your "we are kinda living in a dystopian society" line…girl, I FEEL the same way! I'm pursuing my photography dream because why not? Might be the worst time ever…but hey…I got nothin' to lose at this point!

  5. i want to start a small business of stickers, art prints and all that sort of things but in my country NOBODY will buy anything.

  6. You should’ve used copy paper first to test it.

    To people watching this or anything related:


  7. Nooooo when you started talking about your "imposter syndrome" I physically frowned man ☹. I know what it exactly feels like to be in that position which is probably why I got out my comfort zone to watch this and hopefully pursue a journey of my own. Hoping you the best, dear internet friend (: .

  8. ⚫️😳✨😂👌🧸⚪️😭😐😩😺🖤😑🟣🌻🤌😏🥑😡🥶👆😿🤯🤩🐈🥳😆😾😥🌴

  9. I loved the way you explained things, but it was a lot of information, so I have to rewatch it. What I didn't got was the time it got you to set your business (I don't remember if you said it). How many time did it take you to begin selling your products?

  10. Um guys. I was just doing a watercolour sticker design and I tried to zoom in and the I realised i'm using real paper not an ipad and now my painting smudged

    awesome vid btw

  11. i want to try opening a type or sticker shop just like this but I am currently an international student living in a dorm still studying for university ._. like I cant even afford to get a printer. where would it even go after im done with my studies and move out of my dorm?? so manny questions….now Im just rethinking it alot since all my flatmates encouraged me to start an etsy shop, but i keep going back to thinking back on how i cant invest in it ._. saed

  12. Lol, no seriously. I wonder who still has toilet paper from 2020. How's it going hmm?… they're just anxiously in the corner holding toilet paper rocking back and forth saying "I know it's coming, i-i know we're dieing." Who tf would choose toilet paper over water bro?

  13. Until your parent tell you no u cant do that 😭😭 to accurate. Im 24 now and just started my etsy shop. Wish i did it sooner. I mean im glad i went to college and got my degree but im more passionate about art. My business is digital stationary. Ive been thinking about doing stickers thanks for this great and hilarious video. Really informative

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