Cara Membuat & Menjual Stiker yang Dapat Dicetak di Etsy

Cara Membuat & Menjual Stiker yang Dapat Dicetak di Etsy

Hai semuanya, selamat datang kembali di channel saya, saya Mey 🙂
️🍕 Dukung saluran saya:

Dalam video hari ini kita akan berbicara tentang menjual stiker yang dapat dicetak di Etsy!
Video akan mencakup-
Cara mendesain lembar stiker yang dapat dicetak
Topik apa yang harus mereka bahas?
Bagaimana cara mendaftarkannya ke Etsy
dan Barang cetak macam apa yang mereka bawa!

Mau jual stiker fisik?
Memulai bisnis Print on Demand menggunakan Printify-

Saya mengingatkan Anda bahwa pada bulan April kami akan menjamu Linnea, dari Creative Fabrica di sini
Untuk mengirim pertanyaan Anda untuknya, silakan kirim email ke saya di:
Dan beri judul email “Pertanyaan untuk Linnea”

Ini adalah email yang SAMA untuk mengirimkan toko untuk video ulasan
Jika Anda ingin toko RedBubble/Etsy/Society6/FAA Anda ditinjau
Atau toko Print on Demand lainnya-
Silakan beri judul email “toko saya untuk ulasan”

Daftar Creative Fabrica yang digunakan dalam video ini:
Kembali ke Set sekolah

Latar belakang es loli musim panas

Bundel clipart kelulusan

Creative Fabrica – Diskon saluran khusus, diskon 30% SEUMUR HIDUP untuk langganan POD semua akses mereka

Membuka toko Etsy? Dapatkan 40 listing gratis

Dapatkan Canva Pro – uji coba gratis 30 hari!


Jadwal kami di bulan April:

Membuat & Menjual Alat Tulis yang dapat dicetak di Etsy:

Membuat & Menjual Kartu Ucapan yang dapat dicetak di Etsy:

20+ ide bisnis unduhan digital Etsy:

Pelajari tentang alat SEO & SEO Google

Cara membuat situs web GRATIS Anda sendiri dengan WordPress


Sukai video ini atau berlangganan saluran saya jika Anda merasa bermanfaat
Lacak pemutaran perdana video dengan obrolan LANGSUNG melalui halaman Instagram saya:

Sampai jumpa besok dengan video spesial tentang my
TOP 21 Produk Cetak Sesuai Permintaan- dan di mana Anda bisa mendapatkannya!
aku 🙂


Mudah-mudahan video diatas bisa menambah ide dan tambahan kreativitas. Jika mau cetak stiker online silahkan kontak tim percetakan stiker online. Bisa datang langsung ke percetakan atau bisa order online via Whatsapp +6281214165774

32 thoughts on “Cara Membuat & Menjual Stiker yang Dapat Dicetak di Etsy

  1. OK YOU GUYS !!! This was my favorite LIVE chat ever !!
    So many hearts !!
    I am super excited to see subscribers in 4 digits, can't believe it's only been 3 months on Youtube…
    Super excited about the video coming up tomorrow, and all the videos coming up this month.
    You guys are awesome, I can't wait to see this community grow !
    And to all the DMers who "don't want to bother me" but They've made their first sale- bother me !!!! I love getting your good news messages!

    And that's it, see you guys tomorrow <3

  2. Again, fantastic information.
    Question: thoughts on using Avery templates so people can print on premade sheet?

  3. Hey Mey, another great video as always, and congratulations on reaching 1000 subscribers! Yay! So many great ideas for Etsy printable stickers. I still haven't opened up my Etsy store yet, but when I do, I will definitely be rewatching this video along with some of your other videos to get started. Would it be okay to request a video on how to avoid copyright infringement on our designs on Redbubble, Etsy, FAA, etc.? I watched a YouTuber this morning showing that people were deliberately copying her image as well as her name for the title of their products. That has definitely freaked me out a little.

  4. Can we use the designs already present in the canva to make and sell sticker sheets in etsy ?

  5. Instead of procreate , can you suggest any other place to create my own designs?

  6. How do the customer able to print our designs n use it as stickers ? These are not editable

  7. Hey! You explain so well! Good video. But I have a question – can clip arts be used as stickers? What's the difference in these categories? Or is the difference only in the search term?

  8. My sister you have a video filled with goodness…sis thank i didnt expect anyone made this..but you did..truly blessed sis

  9. This is an awesome video!! Thank you for the detail you put into everything. But how are they supposed to use each individual sticker? How do we make it so that the stickers are cut out? Like on a Cricut or Silohette machine. Most people want them where they won't have to cut by hand. That would be a deterrent for me if I was to buy this file. Please help us on that step if you could.

  10. How did you make the weight scales sync up color-wise with the days of the week? It looked like one click of something and they all three changed to different colors at once?

  11. You are a brilliant artist! You have given me what I need to be able to begin my Etsy business. It is coming together slowly, but the more I watch your videos, the more I get ideas. THANK YOU!

    One question, what did you look up as a category to make the bodies and heads of people?

  12. Hello, just found your video and thank you so much I really enjoyed it. My question is how are the customers going to cut out the stickers or even myself ?

  13. Such great detailed information and inspiration. I have lots of like on my stickers and sold some but really needed to see how to create and sell the whole sheets. Thanks so much.

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