Cara Membuat Stiker tiktok journalwithilse

Cara Membuat Stiker tiktok journalwithilse

#Celana pendek
Cara Membuat Stiker tiktok journalwithilse
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Mudah-mudahan video diatas bisa menambah ide dan tambahan kreativitas. Jika mau cetak stiker online silahkan kontak tim percetakan stiker online. Bisa datang langsung ke percetakan atau bisa order online via Whatsapp +6281214165774

45 thoughts on “Cara Membuat Stiker tiktok journalwithilse

  1. We actually don't need to put glue because you can just put the celotape on whithout it

  2. Ahhh omg this is so cool

    Also baking paper is just another word for parchment paper. They both work the same and I know because I made a few stickers using parchment paper

  3. It's better if you have wide transparent tape so that you dont see all the lines from the diff tape pieces but like yeah

  4. I made these and when i took the butter paper to paste the sticker in my journal the glue stick was really annoying so i think there is so need to do all this just draw something on a paper cut the excess and paste it with glue stick

  5. THIS IS SOO GOOD I done it with my dad he is amazing at it and I stuck it on my laptop it looks amazing totally recommend

  6. I have two things to say:
    1. You don't have to cut the backing paper in a smaller pice ,just use the bigger one and try to make it on the rand so you can make more stickers and it's more practical

    2. You don't have to glue it on the tape ,it's just not necessarily and it takes longer

    I've also made stickers with this technique before , I did it like I wrote in the top,and it worked perfectly
    I hope I helped you ! <3

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