Cara Membuat Stiker Lembar dengan Cricut – Stiker Kiss Cut

Cara Membuat Stiker Lembar dengan Cricut – Stiker Kiss Cut

1000 orang pertama yang menggunakan tautan dalam deskripsi saya akan mendapatkan uji coba gratis Keanggotaan Premium Skillshare: Hari ini saya menunjukkan cara membuat stiker ciuman menggunakan cricut, ipad pro, dan printer Anda. JUGA giveaway dengan Label Neato! Neato memberi Anda kesempatan untuk memenangkan 100 label glossy putih. Anda dapat memasukkan posting instagram saya di sini: Perlengkapan yang digunakan: Neato Glossy Water Resistant (AS): Neato Glossy Water Resistant (Kanada) — Saya banyak ditanya tentang printer apa yang saya gunakan. Saya menggunakan MG7720 Kanada dalam video tetapi sudah sangat tua dan tidak diproduksi lagi. Yang paling dekat menurut saya adalah PIXMA TS9521C Wireless. Printer ini memiliki beberapa fitur lagi tetapi printer saya sepertinya memiliki pemindai yang lebih baik yang mungkin atau mungkin tidak penting. Amazon AS: ———————————————– —————— LINK SAYA » ETSY → INSTAGRAM → SKILLSHARE → h FAV ART SUPPLIES→ .


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23 thoughts on “Cara Membuat Stiker Lembar dengan Cricut – Stiker Kiss Cut

  1. Great video, super helpful and easy to follow! Another quick tip for the bleed layer: after setting it to alpha lock, change your color selection to white, and then just select “fill layer.” This will replace the entire black layer with white, without having to draw on the new color manually.

  2. If you have photoshop I'd recommend doing your outline and bleed in there as you can just add a stroke to your PNG layer(s) and it's much easier than going round by hand! When filling everything in white in Procreate aswell, instead of using your spraypaint brush you can press and drag your white circle at the top right onto your canvas to fill like the bucket tool 🙂 After you drop your colour onto the canvas don't let go and drag to the right to increase the tolerance.
    Thanks for the video 🙂 I ordered my Cricut last week and have found it SO frustrating so far! I find that the Cricut kinda encourages waste product as you can't print/cut A4 etc, the fact it adds a 1/4 inch border annoys me so much as it means I can't line up multiple jobs. Also I've found my artwork goes into Cricut design space much larger than the size it looks in Photoshop. I'm assuming it's a DPI thing but I've not sorted it yet!

  3. hi! ive watched many different tutorials but it never works like it only cuts out the background never the actual design? do you know what could be wrong?

  4. Hi Sarah! So in order to make the sticker sheet (peel off the top and not cut kiss cut) I need to put it on the sticky note setting when cutting correct? Thanks!

  5. I followed this step by step and my Cricut always ends up cutting outside of my outline 😞
    I even got a new machine and it still does it

  6. How were you alright with profiting off a blm sticker? White people are a different breed I s2g

  7. Wondering if anyone knows if the Epson ET 2720 would work for this? I'd rather make my own labels for my products!

  8. I made a stricker sheet in design space. For the "sheet" part I just used a rectangle image and my machine cut it out!

  9. I’ve watched this video a few times. When I try to do this, my Cricut only cuts out the outline of the background and doesn’t cut the stickers. Im feeling really frustrated. Can you help me?

  10. Hi, thanks for the video. I followed your instruction however my cricut cut the background rectangle, but not the stickers. What else should I set? thanks

  11. Thank you so much!!!! Finally a clear and perfect explanation! I finally did it, after so many failed attempts, all the way through to cutting it 😍 perfect thank you c

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