Ubah Logo Menjadi Desain Stiker Di Adobe Illustrator

10 thoughts on “Ubah Logo Menjadi Desain Stiker Di Adobe Illustrator

  1. Why did you duplicate it, made compound path, turned fill to white and then applied offset path, when you could have added offset to the original one and changed the fill to white…? Nice tutorial btw!!

  2. I'm new to AI and started learning just to have fun and pick up a new skill/hobby. I have been through virtually every "Beginner" tutorial I could find on YouTube and wasn't really getting it. But once I found Nicks videos, everything changed. He's measured, his instructions are clear, and he doesn't assume you know even some of the most basic shortcuts and techniques. He details every step of the process and I really appreciate his content. Thank You Nick

  3. Beginner here. How do you save it so once you are ready to send it out to print, it doesn't look all crazy? I tried saving it as a png, but it was very pixelated.

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