Unboxing & Craft Studio Kreatif Anda Bersama Saya – Ephemera Luar Biasa Untuk Jurnal Kami Bagian 1

Unboxing & Craft Studio Kreatif Anda Bersama Saya – Ephemera Luar Biasa Untuk Jurnal Kami Bagian 1

#yourcreativestudio #craftwithme #ninaribena Studio Kreatif Anda adalah Kotak Langganan Vintage bulanan. Anda dapat membeli satu kotak atau berlangganan lebih lama. Isi setiap kotak bervariasi dan selalu penuh dengan alat tulis antik dan ephemera, cocok untuk digunakan dalam kolase atau perencana. Kotak Berlangganan Creative Studio Vintage Anda – (Perlu diketahui bahwa Anda dapat dikenakan biaya bea cukai jika Anda tinggal di Inggris) Tutorial Sampul Jurnal Sampah: Tutorial Buklet Ephemera: Kerajinan Lainnya Dengan Saya Video Studio Kreatif Anda Studio Kreatif Anda Instagram: @yourcreativestudio ************************************** Instagram Saya: @nina.ribena Email Saya: nina. ribena@outlook.com *************************************** #journalwithme #journalideas #junkjournalideas #collageideas #vintagecollage #vintageephemera #vintageephemeraunboxing .


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23 thoughts on “Unboxing & Craft Studio Kreatif Anda Bersama Saya – Ephemera Luar Biasa Untuk Jurnal Kami Bagian 1

  1. Beautiful kit and you made some wonderful ephemera with pieces of it. I have stamps that I got on discount because the backing does not come off, I use double sided temporary tape to hold them to stamp block or platform. Looking forward to seeing which you use in your journal. Thanks Nina, wishing you a short cold spell.😁

  2. Nina I am not sure if it works but there was a comment at another tubers site that lip balm works maybe worth a try

  3. What a gorgeous kit. I love watching unboxing videos and get excited as if it was mine!!! You use items beautifully and as always, you've a great eye for detail and colour. Thank you Nina. Have a lovely day. I can't wait for your next video. xx

  4. Thank you so much Nina, I really really enjoyed watching you open the My Creative Studio box, absolutely stunning and gorgeous box filled with beautiful thing’s. And I really really love ❤️ what you created with some of the ephemera from it. Please stay safe and well too xxx Mags

  5. I have this box too and now I have some new cute ideas to do with all that beautiful stuff. I look forward to your videos. You are such great inspiration for me! Thank you☺️

  6. I am so excited! I am going to have a play today and use some of your ideas! I love the bunny piece. I thought you were done, but when you added the fern on the left I was thrilled. I am horrified to admit this, but I tore the foam off one of the small stamps trying to get the too layer of plastic off. 😭😭😭😭. I am able to use it, but have to stamp, cut around it, and glue because finger ink is a problem. I am just glad I can make it work because it is so sweet! Looking forward to Sunday! TFS. 💐🙏💌

  7. As usual Nina, I love watching you create all these mini works of art! You also make me smile when you talk about getting the backing pieces off of the stickers. Years ago I worked on a craft show on HGTV here in the US. One of my most important jobs was to be sure all the backing from tape, stickers, etc was “started” so that all the host of the show had to do was peel the backing off seamlessly. It might seem silly, but it was a big deal, for sure! You took me right back to those days in this video. TFS

  8. Love the ephemera you created. I think the second layer of the stamp stays on and the stamp will stick to your acrylic block. Can’t wait to see what you do with your pieces

  9. Absolutely beautiful, I so enjoy your videos Nina. I've had a couple of the kits. I now feel a bit mixed up with which month is current due to the postal delays. I've decided to let a few months go by and to resist adding to my huge ephemera supplies. Thank you for your inspiration.

  10. Fabulous creations . I love what you do with these kits Nina . Thank you so much for sharung . Kay xx

  11. I never want to use anything from the box until I’ve seen what you’ve done. Love them all!

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