Bagaimana Saya Mendesain Stiker, Pin, Mantra, dll.✨

Bagaimana Saya Mendesain Stiker, Pin, Mantra, dll.✨

Terima kasih telah menonton! Semoga video ini bermanfaat 🙂 Hal-hal yang saya sebutkan: Menjual karya seni Anda Video online: MadeByCooper (Perusahaan produksi pin enamel Inggris): Zap Creatives (Perusahaan percetakan Inggris): Program yang saya gunakan dalam video ini: Procreate (iPad) Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator TOKO / DUKUNGAN instagram: toko online: twitch – podcast: unduhan digital: PO Box: Unit 48504, Courier Point, 13 Freeland Park, Wareham Road Poole, Dorset, BH16 6FH Inggris Raya ____________________________ DAFTAR PUTAR ANIMASI: TUTORIAL: VIDEO SENI: TUR SKETSA: VLOG STUDIO: ____________________________ SOSIAL instagram – twitter – pinterest – 🕑 tiktok – business twitch – pypah.santos com ________________________________________ 00:00 – intro 01:01 – Contoh saya 02:32 – Pembuatan Ide dan Sketsa 03:25 – Pembersihan Desain dan Desain 06:39 – Template dan Pencetakan 09:20 – sebelum dan sesudah hasil *beberapa tautan di deskripsi m mungkin tautan afiliasi tetapi tidak berpengaruh pada harga atau ulasan!! dw* .


Mudah-mudahan video diatas bisa menambah ide dan tambahan kreativitas. Jika mau cetak stiker online silahkan kontak tim percetakan stiker online. Bisa datang langsung ke percetakan atau bisa order online via Whatsapp +6281214165774

46 thoughts on “Bagaimana Saya Mendesain Stiker, Pin, Mantra, dll.✨

  1. I don't understand…what made those 2 dislike this video, I mean, Pypah is cute, her editing is on point, her pins are adorable🤨

  2. I'm on my art business journey 😌 It's been an exciting start so far, especially using YouTube to document the journey 🎨🌿🤟
    Can't wait to order from you again! I loved my last order 💗 This video was exactly what I needed ❤

  3. I love making stickers and you showing how you do that makes me so excited and your stickers are gorgeous!😙

  4. Hi I just wanted to let you know that you doing awesome job doing edit video I'm so proud of you🤗keep up and great work💞and you have a wonderful day afternoon take care and be healthy safe from yourself home blessings pypah's🙏🏻

  5. I wanna try digital art, do you have any tips and app recommendations? Please
    And do you use a laptop or iPad?

  6. I love this. I've always wondered how enamel pins are done having watched too many Baylee Jae vlogs. 🤣 Her store prep vlogs are so nice.

  7. Hey Pypah! I think for one of your future videos, you should try recreating your followers art in your own style; you’d kill it! Love your vids btw😌

  8. I find this way way more easier than mine. But personally what I do is I draw my sticker design on ibis paintx. After that I print them on thin cardstock. Next, I put it threw my xyron sticker machine and cut them out. I make my own backboard and staple it into my pouch and start selling. Otherwise cute stickers, and needed the help!

  9. Loved this, thank you! Just wanted to mention something that may make it easier for you to choose pantone colors for the enamel pins in illustrator. If you go to your color swatches panel, click on the options button, go to open swatch library–> color books –> PANTONE Solid Coated it will give you the pantone color swatches in illustrator that you can use! 🙂

  10. Watching this made me realize I don't have the talent to make my own stuff. Can't draw that well, yours are so perfectly cute!

  11. These are great! I'm building out a 1988 chevy to travel in and I am looking to put used furniture in it. I love these tips!

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