Mesin Buat Stiker Xyron XRN500 5 Inch

Mesin Buat Stiker Xyron XRN500 5 Inch

Di Amazon:
Sempurna untuk membuat halaman lembar memo, kartu ucapan foto, label, tag, dan lainnya
Menerapkan perekat ujung-ke-ujung pada benda datar dengan lebar hingga 5 inci termasuk kertas, foto, pita, dan lainnya
Tidak ada listrik, baterai atau panas yang dibutuhkan
Untuk membuat stiker bebas asam permanen atau yang dapat dilepas
Berukuran 8 kali 8,5 kali 5,5 inci; Garansi terbatas 1 tahun

Ingin membuat stiker yang lebih kecil? Lihat video ini:



Mudah-mudahan video diatas bisa menambah ide dan tambahan kreativitas. Jika mau cetak stiker online silahkan kontak tim percetakan stiker online. Bisa datang langsung ke percetakan atau bisa order online via Whatsapp +6281214165774

41 thoughts on “Mesin Buat Stiker Xyron XRN500 5 Inch

  1. how would i even order stickers from you? i mean you don't respond to comments or messages??? wtf!??!!

  2. Do you know if the stickers are water proof? And do you have to buy new film after you use this for a while?

  3. Thanks for clear instructions (I have an older Xyron) & LOVE the Bible verse. I also cut up catalogues–kindred spirits!

  4. Will this stickers stick to a car window??? Does anyone know??

    I’m trying to start my own decal business – I’m a really good artist so I been told- have an art portfolio

    Along w expertise on editing

    So I sketch my art upload
    Edit color


    And I was thinking of printing on cricut machine but it’s too expensive

    If this stick to car windows I can probably buy this

    I just need to know.

    5 inches is a good start.

  5. My plastic sheet became separated from the spool that rolls it up toward the back of the machine. How do I fix it?

  6. So you don’t need a sticker too make that happen you can do normal white paper put it in and it becomes a sticker

  7. Hi Bren are you able to put a laminated image / pic through the machine ? Thank you

  8. How many stickers do you think the sticker machine makes until you have to run out if the stickers were about 2 inches wide?

  9. at first didn't understand RE glue, what permanent & repisitionable meant(how you use it) but then you explained (like for photos you might not want to stick on permanently , that you could later peel it off & stick it on to something else) and I got it that you buy the kind of glue (on the sheet)you prefer, permanent or repositionable.

  10. many viewers are commenting on her soothing voice and yes, that's the first thing I thought: sounds like a professional voice you hear on TV, radios.

  11. So I have the xyron model 500 create a sticker machine and the small tape looking stuff that moves when you turn the knob has like unconnected or something but idk what to do

  12. I just found one of these for 50c today and was just checking out what they do . But her voice is worth the 50c I paid

  13. muy clara y detallada explicación. Gracias por tomarte el tiempo para difundir este procedimiento.

  14. does it work with regular printer paper or would i have to get like photo or special paper

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