Stiker Antwerpen Telah Dirilis | Efek Berkilau, Tanpa Batas, Tanpa Tambalan & Lainnya

Stiker Antwerpen Telah Dirilis | Efek Berkilau, Tanpa Batas, Tanpa Tambalan & Lainnya

Valve akhirnya merilis item Antwerpen. Stiker tidak memiliki batas, paket tambalan tidak kembali, ada efek “Glitter” baru dan stiker pemain juga kembali. Saya memberikan pemikiran awal saya dalam video ini. —- My Twitter: My Steam: My Referral: My Skinwallet Referral: (FELLZ untuk bonus 5% untuk deposit Anda) Twitch: Silakan lmk melalui komentar terlebih dahulu jika Anda ingin menambahkan saya. —- CSGSTOCKS STEAMFOLIO —- KREDIT UNTUK LAGU YANG DIGUNAKAN DALAM VIDEO INI #1 Musik Oleh: “Riddiman” Nama Trek: “Waves” Beatstars Tautan: #2 Bintang Bawah Tanah oleh Loxbeats Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Unduh / Streaming Gratis: Musik dipromosikan oleh Perpustakaan Audio.


Mudah-mudahan video diatas bisa menambah ide dan tambahan kreativitas. Jika mau cetak stiker online silahkan kontak tim percetakan stiker online. Bisa datang langsung ke percetakan atau bisa order online via Whatsapp +6281214165774

20 thoughts on “Stiker Antwerpen Telah Dirilis | Efek Berkilau, Tanpa Batas, Tanpa Tambalan & Lainnya

  1. Gerade so noch meine SH Sticker losgeworden bevor der Markt reagieren konnte… Top Video!

  2. Also in case its helpful Valve didn't update russian prices in RUB for ingame cs items so the capsules cost around 2.5$ instead of 1$, so when the sale hits there might be more demand for them from the market than expected

  3. I managed to buy some patches from third party sites and dump them onto the community market. Buying and holding them right now wouldn't be a great idea.

  4. Bro the patch packs and stockholm patches are shooting up in price right now, not trying to cause panic, just letting people know.

  5. The fact that these are borderless is looking a little bit scary, but I would recommend holding onto any teams that did not make it the Antwerp sticker capsule, like Tyloo or Mouz for example, those should be relatively safe for holding onto.

  6. These stickers are gorgeous
    That was the last straw for me on selling my RMR investments
    Sometimes gotta take the LOSS to learn

  7. Personally

    I hate the glitter effect as well. Although i like the player gold stickers because of the black colour text that perfectly compliments to the background.

    For the legend holos
    Furia and Cloud 9 are good

    Stockholm items might go down a bit but i think holos will increase in price since this time holos are in pink category.

  8. Kinda boring. Decided to dump the rest of my Stonkholms, they might recover for a bit but I think they will stagnate for a while now. Don't mind the nice stickers, just hoped they where more unique. The Antwerp logo on the glitters is really unfitting I think.

  9. Personally I don't like the glitter finish, it looks like a sparkly RMR holo to me. Gold sticker pattern doesn't look as good as the dragon lore pattern from SH. The holos being 5x rarer than SH just makes SH more enticing to open to get higher holo chance, and I also like the finish of the SH holo more. The supply of SH should be infinitely lower than Antwerp also. I know there's been a few thousand capsules panic sold to wipe out SH buy orders, but I'm not panicing or coping. I still think SH is going to come out ahead once people get over the shiny new thing hype.
    Also forgot to say I don't like how big the antwerp logo is on the stickers. Big negative for me.

  10. Why did they make 0 borderless stickers in 6 years but ever since valorants launch we are only getting kato'14 copies? Did we really need another company to get good stickers or valve is retarded and they just realized what we wanted? Either way shit and lazy act from valve. If we get 128 tick servers after 8 years of minor updates I'll pray riot for it. I just dont get it why the same pgl stickers? 6 months is enough time to design 1 tournament background to slap it to 24 team stickers. Why did they started doing kato 14's now?

  11. Fellz did you sell ur sh capsules ? What do you think i do with 1k legend sh caps 🙄

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