Pelajari lebih lanjut tentang Cricut Maker 3: #cricutmade Hai semuanya! Dalam video ini, saya ingin menunjukkan kepada Anda proses yang saya gunakan untuk membuat stiker saya untuk Patreon. Saya suka membuat stiker di rumah karena saya sering sangat spontan dan mendapatkan semburan inspirasi dan kreativitas pada waktu yang sangat acak. Adalah baik bagi saya untuk dapat segera membuat sesuatu dan memiliki produk jadi di tangan saya daripada harus memesan sesuatu dan menunggu sampai dikirimkan kepada saya. Semoga tutorial ini bermanfaat bagi Anda dan Anda dapat membuat stiker sendiri di rumah! Kuas Tinta yang saya gunakan di Procreate: Kertas Stiker yang saya gunakan (tautan afiliasi): STUFF SOSIAL Patreon: Situs Web & Toko: Instagram: Pinterest: Video ini disponsori oleh Cricut.


Mudah-mudahan video diatas bisa menambah ide dan tambahan kreativitas. Jika mau cetak stiker online silahkan kontak tim percetakan stiker online. Bisa datang langsung ke percetakan atau bisa order online via Whatsapp +6281214165774

26 thoughts on “BAGAIMANA SAYA MEMBUAT STIKER DENGAN PROCREATE DAN CRICUT- tutorial stiker die cut yang mudah

  1. Wowee!!! Was just looking into home sticker production w/procreate + cricut – this was awesome, thank you!!! I’d love to know what printer/paper you use or recommend ^_^

  2. Is it possible to make a sticker sheet with Cricut? That’s what I’m most interested in, and it would be really cool if I could use Cricut for that!

  3. Thank you for this info! This is a great straightforward walkthrough on how to go from procreate to Cricut. I have been meaning to make some stickers from my art since I got my iPad earlier this year, but I keep feeling overwhelmed by the process.

    I really appreciate the walkthrough as well as your calm voice. 🥰 I enjoy your channel and art. I hope you have a great day with your kitties!

  4. This was so helpful! Ive been thinking about selling stickers so this was definitely helpful for me

  5. I would LOVE to make my own stickers! Not even for a store, just for myself 🤤

    It looks like it would take a while to do them in bulk, though. I imagine people who have large orders to fulfill must use a different system.

  6. Awesome! Definitely bookmarking this for the future! It would be so cool to make my own stickers! ☺️

  7. Omg I was just thinking about making stickers for my best friend’s bday with my cricut I never opened!!! Thank you for this 🥰🥰🥰

  8. Would love to have a circuit! Thanks for sharing. Just out of interest, the inking brushes you use in procreate, how do they compare with the standard ink brushes already on procreate?

  9. hey love the stickers! i was just wondering which colour profile you chose for the stickers in the procreate, is it rgb or cmyk ? and which one on the list exactly? thank you!!

  10. very straight forward method of making stickers. 2 cricuts! im jealous, not that i have the space for even one lol

  11. I'm not sure she'll see this but if anyone can answer me that would be super helpful. I noticed the file she sent from procreate to PS was a PNG but she says that she exports it to illustrator as a jpg? I'm curious because png & tiff are better for printing than jpg so I didn't know if there was a reason for this???

  12. My cricut for some reason isn’t catching/cutting the white outline I make on procreate for my stickers /: any tips on how I might be able to fix this? I’ve already tried making sure my paper is aligned with the cricut mat but still no progress ):

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