Stiker Bumper Lucu (Bagian 2)

Stiker Bumper Lucu (Bagian 2)

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25 thoughts on “Stiker Bumper Lucu (Bagian 2)

  1. Strange how you Don’t show Any anti liberal , socialism, or Democrat stickers.

  2. Have one on my car that says "I can only go as fast as the idiot in front of me".

  3. I had one with crosshairs on it that said ( I miss my ex wife
    But my aim is getting better )

  4. I put one on my car that says "I control the spice. I control the universe." Perfect for Dune fans.

  5. Never get the one that says "Honk for free sex lessons". All the Viagra you'll need will drive you into the poor house.🥴

  6. It's very hard to read some of these on a smart phone (and sometimes they go by too fast)

  7. That suicide passing side is backwards. Proper passing is on the left. I guess it could be from an English speaking foreign country.

  8. I had one on my 26 year old beat up Toyota that said: "Don't laugh – It's paid for!" The Boo-urns is from the Simpsons: Smithers was telling Mr. Burns that the crowd wasn't saying "Boo" they were chanting "Boo-urns".

  9. I made up a copy of “if 👆🏼 could 🖕🏼 over 👉🏼, that’d be 👌🏼” and had it in my side window, some crusty b*tch at work got “offended” and now before I enter parking lot, I have to remove. Or security can now ticket and tow me, so I stop right outside the lot entrance to put it up/remove it EVERY DAY! 😂

  10. 2 faves:
    Not just another dumb blonde (it was upside down)

    Wtf is wrong with you people?!

  11. As an elementary teacher I should choose "This car randomly stops at your mother's house". But the parents always look envious when they see my "Durex – no baby on board".

  12. Ah yes, the PT Cruiser. My coworker described them as
    "The car loved by 16 year-old girls, and 50 year-old men that wish they were 16 year-old girls"

  13. FOR ALL MARRIED MEN: DO NOT ARGUE WITH YOUR WIFE….DICKER…..two words and my other car has one that gets me in trouble: The best answer for "How is your sex life ? InFrequent and loving it…..Two words also…

  14. I like the one about tearing down trees and naming streets after them. I was a UPS driver and I would get a kick out of what developers would name subdivisions. One was Hunter Oaks and I thought not a single Oak tree in sight and probably one hundred years since anyone did any hunting there.

  15. The “⬅️Passing Side-Suicide➡️” sticker is from semi trucks, and it refers to when passenger cars pass semis on the right they are in the blind spot and the semi driver can’t see them and therefore the passenger cars are more likely to be run off the road. All drivers should understand this and refrain…

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