Animasi vs. Minecraft (asli)

Animasi vs. Minecraft (asli)

Gambar tongkat di komputer menemukan kubus Minecraft. Serial Animator vs Animation berlanjut, kali ini tanpa animator. Tonton Episode 1: Tonton Episode 2: Tonton Episode 3: Tonton Episode 4: Tonton Episode 5: Musik oleh Sarah Eide DISCORD MERCH 50% ️ANIMATOR VS GAMES INSTAGRAM ✏️TWITTER DISCORD SERVER #alanbecker #animation # avm


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28 thoughts on “Animasi vs. Minecraft (asli)

  1. fun fact: on a laptop or computer when you hover your mouse over the thumbnail of the vid (when choosing to watch it), you can see a perfect loop animation for the windmill.

    idk if that made sense

  2. Is no one gonna talk how the files relate to what they do like, 6:05 Yellow does a triple spin combo,look next to him there is a file saying,"How to do a triple spin combo" or when one of them stabbed the zombie next to them it said,"get that zombie"

  3. This is epic! It really brought some nostalgia to me from me playing Minecraft 6 years ago. 13:58 is one of my favorite parts, with many other awesome parts as well!

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