5 Cara Membuat Stiker di Rumah! // (& stiker termal dengan MUNBYN!)

5 Cara Membuat Stiker di Rumah! // (& stiker termal dengan MUNBYN!)

Terima kasih kepada #MUNBYN karena telah mengirimi saya printer termal mereka! Gunakan kode JelArts untuk diskon 15%: Saya harap Anda senang melihat semua cara saya membuat stiker di rumah untuk bisnis kecil saya! Saya harap salah satu metode ini akan membantu Anda memulai perjalanan pembuatan stiker 🙂 – – – Temukan saya di Patreon – Toko Saya – Situs Web Saya – ‌◉ Instagram – TikTok – – – – Bahan & Peralatan label MUNBYN – Kertas stiker glossy PPD – Cricut explore air – Printer Saya – Kamera Saya – Lampu saya – & Mic – Ini adalah tautan afiliasi amazon, artinya saya akan menerima komisi kecil dari amazon – tanpa biaya tambahan untuk Anda. – – – Musik “Kawai Kitsune” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Berlisensi di bawah Creative Commons: Oleh Attribution 3.0 Musik oleh Amarante: Air Hockey Saloon oleh Chris Zabriskie berlisensi Creative Commons Attribution ( Sumber: Artis: # bisnis kecil .


Mudah-mudahan video diatas bisa menambah ide dan tambahan kreativitas. Jika mau cetak stiker online silahkan kontak tim percetakan stiker online. Bisa datang langsung ke percetakan atau bisa order online via Whatsapp +6281214165774

46 thoughts on “5 Cara Membuat Stiker di Rumah! // (& stiker termal dengan MUNBYN!)

  1. ur stickers are always top notch and thats a pretty neat label printer too, seems very useful, thanks for sharing, poggy, great video as always, top quality stuff

  2. This is a cool video! I didn’t watch the whole thing yet but I’ll make sure to. Thanks for hearting my other comment!

  3. Thanks for posting, you are a huge insparation that doesn't make me regret my artwork. Some youtubers make me feel like I need to be as good as them, but you've helped me realize what's right. Everyone has their different standards and styles! <3

  4. Omg I literally just launched my stickers on Etsy after watching your old videos hundreds of times for advice 😍 Thanks for all of the fun and helpful content Jel!

  5. I loved this!! Do you think you could make a video explaining how you make your enamel pins? If you make them yourself that is

  6. It’s really cool to see your process! I’ve made a few die cut stickers through online services—Sticker Mule and Sticker Ninja. One great thing with both services is you can order a sample pack/small quantity of stickers, so you can see how they print out and make sure you’re happy with them. Then you can order larger quantities. I’ve also made sticker sheets with Canva. Your tip about making colors a little brighter is great! I do find with online services that colors come out just a little darker. It hasn’t been much of a difference with my designs, but definitely a good point to keep in mind.

  7. Very helpful, thank you!
    I made a video creating a black cat sticker using adobe illustrator you can watch it on my channel

  8. Thanky. Exactly what I needed to know. I love your stickers I have checked them all. Thanky for sharing…

  9. What also work to get your prints less saturated is to look into the printer settings, most printers is set to auto correct colors. You find those settings in Properties; Under media settings, Click on Advanced. there you will get into color controls. There you will have some choices to change gamma, brightness, contrast and saturation. I am nut sure if this is the best but from allot of test prints, just to set down the gamma to 1.8 do help a bunch.. but thats with my set up and printer.. it may differ from your set up.
    Oh, forgot to also tell you, you dont need to re feed the whole thing again in the cutter on a new setting :).. To the places you want the cutter to cut all the way thru on a sticker sheet just duplicate that layer and the cutter will cut a second time and cut out the whole sticker sheet. Hope that was understandable x)

  10. I was particularly interested in what you said about converting to CMYK and this throws me, but now I feel like I understand more about how to tweak the colours. 😊

  11. I received a Cricut Maker3 for my birthday last week, specifically because I want to make and sell stickers. Thank you for all the great info in your video. And of course now I want a thermal printer as well. 😉 I'm so very excited to get started.

  12. TIP for the printer- dont turn it off- it uses/dumps ink on restart every time and you will go through more ink.

  13. if you don't have a printer at home is it possible to still set up an online store and sell stickers through another printing company?

  14. Be careful when making stickers with thermal printer tho. They will eventually fade over time and depending in which paper you choose, it might fade in a couples of months or years. The more expensive paper supposedly the more it will last. I'm not hating tho, I want thermal printers for myself

  15. Yes I made stickers before but I draw them in paper after I'm done I put tape in the drawings I made in paper then I start cutting it and then I take what sticker I want to stick and put it in water and take out the paper gently and after all the paper are out of the tape I let it dry after it dry I stick it! Yea your way of making stickers are kinda better

  16. HI… How did you set up the Munbyn to print on the 2' round labels? I can't figure it out!!

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