LINE Creators Market : Cara Membuat Stiker Animasi

LINE Creators Market : Cara Membuat Stiker Animasi

Ikuti lima langkah mudah ini dan Anda akan segera membuat stiker animasi Anda sendiri!

Langkah 1: Pangkas margin
Langkah 2: Atur urutan bingkai
Langkah 3: Sesuaikan ukuran file
Langkah 4: Buat file APNG
Langkah 5: Periksa APNG

*Halaman resmi LINE:


Mudah-mudahan video diatas bisa menambah ide dan tambahan kreativitas. Jika mau cetak stiker online silahkan kontak tim percetakan stiker online. Bisa datang langsung ke percetakan atau bisa order online via Whatsapp +6281214165774

42 thoughts on “LINE Creators Market : Cara Membuat Stiker Animasi

  1. "The number of frams must be between 5 and 20" I used to 6 frams (PNG files) like video but it still showing this error. What is happeninh?

  2. It says that the image isn't the right size even if it is…
    Update: After solving a plenty of problems it says that: "invalid apng file"

  3. Id realy like to creat some stickers but in my country – germany we cant download line creator 🙁

  4. How about how to download some of the hundreds of free sticker packages available to other countries just by friending the sponsor??? Why are these not available to us?? It’s
    Not like it costs more and it’s reallt getting old how discriminatory Line is towards Americans

  5. Bad service ever!!! Already making project (Kira Kira – Kawaii of hana chan) which project was planned 5 febuary 2017, designing at 2018, and YOU Declined a sticker at 15 july 2018, contacting customer service but not resondes. Completely bad service at all!!! Or maybe my fault because wrong format at guildlence 1.1

  6. ok so i did everything according to the video. after that i copied the animated png files to my phone. then, i opened the creators app and tried to create the sticker. but when i pressed preview sticker, the sticker didnt move(?) no animation in the sticker. just a still image

  7. I Would create Animated stickers for the **NHL, CFL,NLL And MLB Sports Leagues (Former teams and *sound included)
    *SFX (The Go Leafs Go Chant with the Scotiabank Centre Goal Horn and the Go Habs Go Chant with the Centre Bell Goal Horn)

    **EDIT: Long Forms of the sports leagues
    CFL=Canadian Football League (Est.1958)
    MLB=Major League Baseball (Est.1903)
    NHL=National Hockey League (Est.1917)
    NLL=Major League Lacrosse (Est.1986)

  8. Hey, I'm trying to render an animation for telegram and it keeps saying render failed because it should not contain images. But I am using vectors I drew in illustrator. I was wondering if you could help me

  9. i am having a problem with my sticker, i try to follow all this step, but every time i tried to submit the file, its failed do you know how to handle this? i can preview my sticker at firefox but i cant upload it

  10. Dear LINE,
    Is it possible to add a feature to disable the sounding effect in some stickers?
    My friend kept sending it in group chat and it's VERY annoying.

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