MEMBUAT STIKER DI RUMAH: cara mengatur lembar stiker dengan Cricut Anda

MEMBUAT STIKER DI RUMAH: cara mengatur lembar stiker dengan Cricut Anda

Pelajari cara mengatur lembar stiker dengan Cricut Anda untuk mendapatkan stiker yang sempurna! Saya ingin menunjukkan kepada Anda bagaimana saya membuat stiker dengan Cricut dan berbagi dengan Anda semua tip dan trik yang telah saya pelajari selama ini.

Saya akan membahas hal-hal seperti cara memperbaiki hal-hal seperti mengapa kalibrasi Cricut Anda tidak berfungsi, pengaturan cetak untuk kertas glossy, pengaturan tekanan Cricut untuk lembar stiker, memformat lembar stiker di ruang desain Cricut dan jenis kertas stiker apa yang saya gunakan .

PEMECAHAN MASALAH: Saya telah melihat banyak orang mengalami masalah dengan mesin yang hanya memotong lapisan latar belakang! Saya tidak yakin mengapa ini terjadi, tetapi saya sarankan menggunakan PC dengan tutorial ini (BUKAN tablet) dan Windows jika Anda bisa.

Juga, saya benar-benar minta maaf karena saya belum dapat menjawab lebih banyak pertanyaan/masalah Anda! Tetapi saya tidak lagi menggunakan mesin Cricut saya dan tidak dapat memecahkan masalah apa pun. (Saya menggunakan Silhouette sekarang, dan Anda dapat mengklik di sini jika Anda ingin melihat alasannya 🙂

—— Stempel WAKTU ——
0:50 Intro, ikhtisar, dan alat
2:19 Memformat lembar stiker Anda
3:54 Menyiapkan lembar stiker Anda di ruang desain Cricut
5:48 Pengaturan cetak untuk cetakan akurat warna
7:09 Jenis kertas stiker dan apa yang saya gunakan
9:26 Pengaturan tekanan untuk memotong lembaran stiker
10:31 Tip pemotongan dan kalibrasi saat memotong lembar stiker Anda
12:13 Outro, sukses dan selebrasi yayy!

Ini adalah kertas stiker yang saya gunakan:
Tautan afiliasi di Amazon:

Atau Anda dapat membeli kertas stiker di bawah ini langsung dari situs web mereka:
*Putih mengkilap tahan air*:
*Vinil transparan (tidak tahan air):*
*Vinil transparan tahan air:*

Gunakan kode promo SUMMER10 dapatkan diskon 10% untuk kertas stiker dari
Berlaku hingga 30 September 2020. // Pengungkapan penuh: Saya mendapat komisi kecil dari penjualan menggunakan kode promo ini.

— Alat yang digunakan: —
• Berkembang biak di iPad
• Adobe Photoshop
• Cricut Explore Air 2, mat standar, dan bilah mata halus premium
• Printer Inkjet Canon ip7250
• Barang Evergreen Premium Glossy Waterproof untuk printer INKJET

— Tentang —
Saya seorang seniman dan desainer yang tinggal di Swedia di mana saya membuat dan membuat semua barang saya sambil menjalankan toko kecil buatan tangan saya. Saya suka menjadi kreatif dan ingin berbagi kreativitas saya dengan siapa pun yang tertarik untuk ikut dalam perjalanan ini 😀

—— Sosial! ——


Mudah-mudahan video diatas bisa menambah ide dan tambahan kreativitas. Jika mau cetak stiker online silahkan kontak tim percetakan stiker online. Bisa datang langsung ke percetakan atau bisa order online via Whatsapp +6281214165774

44 thoughts on “MEMBUAT STIKER DI RUMAH: cara mengatur lembar stiker dengan Cricut Anda

  1. Hii , I feel like I followed all the instructions but my Cricut will only cut the background layer and not the layer on top..what do u think ? Thanks !

  2. What a great video tutorial! Definitely one of the best and to the point tutorials on YouTube. I have liked and subscribe ☺️ I hope you post more video tutorials on making products.

  3. I just wanted to thank you for this video. I was getting so frustrated that the Cricut design space was ruining the colours of my stickers, and couldn’t get the cuts to align properly when I did cut only. As you suggested, I set my printer to glossy and best standard and my stickers look amazing – so rich in colour. Thank you so much!!!

  4. I haven’t used my cricut in months!! Totally gave up making stickers on it and had to buy from a store online. Your videos helped me so much!! Just made my first sticker pack and it came out perfectly ☺️

  5. I use the exact same paper. Yes, the paper itself is not affected by water or moisture. The ink however, is water soluble. So even thought the paper is waterproof, the stickers will still bleed if they are left unprotected and get wet. Especially black!

  6. 3:04
    what if i want make a complex stickers with sharp corners and cut exactly at the line (like anime character) can cricut do it?

  7. Omgggg for me I’m struggling to fit my stickers all onto one sheet. I’m using a 8 x 11.5 and my stickers are all 3.4 x 2.32 and it’s only showing 5 on one shit when I should be able to fit more ): also it cuts my outlines!!

  8. This is a year old so someone's def already suggested this but just in case, if ur still having trouble aligning ur front and back layers once you've brought them into design space, try adding a little right angle right along the edges of any one of the corners of the canvas, save it to the front layer, then u can use cricuts aligning tools to line them up them based on whichever corner u put the thing in, and they should b able to align exactly as you had them. There's a word for this but I can't remember it lol 😅

  9. I just want to thank you sooooo much for this video. After searching & searching & trying to figure out what I was doing wrong… you have helped the MOST

  10. you saved my fricking life i was about to give up and sell this baby on ebay now i feel like a new man thank you so much love your channel and your stickers god speed wish me luck on my sticker shop!

  11. This is insanely helpful, thank you so much, I’ll be coming back to this page in the future for a refresh 🙂

  12. do you add a laminate to your stickers?
    seen so many people use Avery self laminating sheets, are they needed?

  13. Just FYI if you have an inkjet, no matter what paper you use, it will never be waterproof. You need to laminate your stickers!

  14. Bummer that it seems like this particular paper is no longer available on amazon or on the evergreen site. Any alternatives you use now?

  15. Thank you for this great tutorial. I would just go crazy searching for the process and couldn't find the whole process in a single video. I am using silhouette but this will help me a lot.A quick question. Did you change the colour mode to CMYK on Photoshop before you export as a PNG? Thank you. ^^

  16. Hey new subscriber! Please could you put a link to the ‘Ever green good sticker paper and the clear sticker paper’. If you do thanks. Love your vids! 🥺🙏😄😃😀😁😇

  17. Hey new subscriber! Please could you put a link to the ‘Ever green good sticker paper and the clear sticker paper’. If you do thanks. Love your vids! 🥺🙏😄😃😀😁😇

  18. It would be useful to see the sticker being peeled off at the end. It’s hard to know if they were cut cleanly or not with out seeing the finished product. Great video though!

  19. Thanks for this, It's very imformative, but i have a question, how did you do the back layer? I get confused all the time learning to do them. Can i do them on the photoshoo? As for the front layer? For outlining the cutline for the stickers… would that all be on one layer ?

  20. Can you please peel the protective cover off your printer? It's killing me lol fingers crossed that you've already done it

  21. Do you have a slower and detail tutorial on designing the stickers and the back layer and exporting them as separate files.

  22. This is such an amazing tutorial. You literally made this so beginner friendly, it’s unreal. Answering FAQs, providing time stamps, keeping the video informative yet entertaining. This is such an asset for those looking to start creating with stickers. Thank you! new sub ❤️

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