Bagaimana Saya Membuat Stiker Tahan Air

Bagaimana Saya Membuat Stiker Tahan Air

Inilah cara saya membuat stiker tahan air menggunakan Cricut Explore Air 2 saya! Untuk metode ini saya akan menjelaskan bagaimana saya melakukan hack Cricut Full-Page. Metode ini bagus karena Anda bisa mendapatkan seluruh halaman stiker, bukan hanya 4 x 6 inci.

Saya mencantumkan langkah-langkah di bawah ini, tetapi saya membahas lebih detail (dengan gambar) di posting blog saya di sini:

Saya stok stiker Sampah kembali! Anda dapat membelinya di sini:

Produk yang digunakan:

PPD Inkjet Glossy Creative Vinyl Stiker LTR 8.5 x 11 4.7mil x 50 Lembar –

Avery Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets, 9 x 12 Inci, Kotak 50 –
Produk yang Digunakan:

PPD Inkjet Glossy Creative Vinyl Stiker LTR 8.5 x 11 4.7mil x 50 Lembar –

Cricut Jelajahi Udara 2

Pencetak :

Canon Pixma Pro-100
Canon ImageClass LPB622

Ini adalah video di mana saya belajar melakukan hack satu halaman penuh –

Berikut adalah deskripsi tertulis dari proses saya:

1. Buat kanvas 8,5″ x 11″ di Photoshop, sejajarkan desain stiker Anda di halaman (saya menggunakan warna gelap sebagai lapisan di belakang desain stiker saya sehingga saya dapat dengan mudah menyelaraskannya)

2. Buat 4 kotak – satu di setiap sudut kanvas. Buat persegi berukuran 0,25″ x 0,25″ menggunakan menu tarik-turun ‘Ukuran Tetap’
– Isi kotak dengan warna putih menggunakan alat paintbucket
– Tekan ‘V’ untuk menggunakan alat pindah, lalu tekan Ctrl + A atau CMD + A (di mac) untuk ‘Pilih Semua’ – ini memungkinkan Anda untuk menggunakan alat Align di bagian atas layar.
– Sejajarkan setiap kotak – satu untuk setiap sudut

3. Pastikan Anda tidak membiarkan warna latar belakang menyala. Simpan halaman stiker Anda sebagai PNG

4. Cetak desain Anda dengan pengaturan Kertas Foto Glossy, pastikan ‘Cetak Tanpa Batas’ TIDAK dipilih

5. Dengan menggunakan label perekat bening, ratakan dengan hati-hati pada halaman stiker menggunakan roller atau kartu plastik.

6. Anda dapat menggunakan ruang desain Cricut untuk memotong batas perataan Anda untuk halaman stiker. Di Cricut Design Space, buat persegi panjang 8,5″ x 11″, sejajarkan X + Y ke ‘0’. Gunakan selotip pelukis untuk menutupi tikar cricut Anda. Dengan pengaturan kertas ‘sticky note’ dipilih, potong persegi panjang Anda. Sekarang Anda dapat meletakkan lembar stiker Anda di dalam area yang dipotong itu.

7. Di Ruang Desain Cricut, buka PNG yang Anda simpan dan pilih “Desain Kompleks”. Impor desain Anda ke dalam ruang kerja, dan pastikan Anda mengubah ukurannya menjadi 8,5 x 11, dan memiliki sumbu X + Y keduanya di Nol. Sekarang klik ‘Make It’ dan pilih jenis kertas sebagai “Kertas Foto”.

– Anda dapat mengubah tekanan blade di ‘Pengaturan Material’ – Saya menempatkannya pada pengaturan maksimal untuk potongan ini. Pastikan juga Anda mengubah tekanan blade lainnya ke “LEBIH”.

8. Masukkan mat Anda ke dalam mesin Cricut dan tekan tombol muat. Setelah Anda siap untuk memotong, tekan tombol cricut. Stiker Anda sekarang sedang dipotong!

Itu dia! Jika Anda memiliki pertanyaan, jangan ragu untuk meninggalkannya di bagian komentar.

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Mudah-mudahan video diatas bisa menambah ide dan tambahan kreativitas. Jika mau cetak stiker online silahkan kontak tim percetakan stiker online. Bisa datang langsung ke percetakan atau bisa order online via Whatsapp +6281214165774

45 thoughts on “Bagaimana Saya Membuat Stiker Tahan Air

  1. I have searched for a year how to make stickers on my Cricut and this is the best video I’ve found. I just need to actually learn to design them 😣 lol

  2. Hello I like your tutorial. But I've run into a snag. Whenever I try to cut the image on my cricut the cutting is off. My cricut design space make it preview seems to have a 1/4" margin around the edges and it won't line up with my images in the top corner. Ideas to combat this?

  3. Think I missed something…does the back just peel off even though it was laminated

  4. this is the best tutorial I've seen on Cricut sticker making, THANK YOUUUUUU!!!!!!

  5. what are your printer settings? I'm trying this method but my alignment is so off helpppp

  6. This is a great tutorial! Couple things that might help….
    If your cricut mat has lost its tack, you can wash them with Dawn dish soap, and a sponge. You can also use a repositionable glue to retack after washing if desired, or if you want it stickier.
    As for not cutting all the way through, DO NOT UNLOAD after the cut! Instead, immediately press the go button again and it will cut the same pattern in the same place, and voila! You can do this multiple times if you need to!

  7. Hey, quick question, do I need to use photoshop or is there an alternative way?

  8. Thanks so much for your help… I have a Cameo 4 so I'm trying to figure out my settings atm. I think it's a blade issue though because no matter the setting it does not let me cut all the way through. T_T Beautiful stickers btw!! <3

  9. Question…Printing is best done in CMYK format, saving to PNG saves it to RGB. How do we make sure colors are accurate if we aren't using CMYK?

  10. I'm having a problem with circuit not cutting the exact area correctly. Do you have a video for that?

  11. When the sticker sheet passes through the laminator, what do you use on the back of it?

  12. I literally watched the whole thing and have not material 😩😂 not even the actual cricut. Lol you are that good!

  13. Idk why I have the same printer but my stickers are printing with very shit detail it's taking all the detail away and the colors arent very detailed either I'm not sure what to do…

  14. Thank you so much ! I was struggling to know how to make my stickers waterproof ! Thank you so much !!!

  15. Hello!
    Thanks for the video!
    Do you use normal ink? Or waterproof or water resistant one?

  16. Very informative video learn alot even so i have semi gloss sticker paper and glossy paper and i use laser printer with it can i use inkjet eco tank printer with either of the paper as well or it wont work.

  17. I just love it when I come across amazing Canadian channels. These stickers are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Hi! I was wondering if your laminate sheets have lines on them? I ordered some after watching your video and I ended up with vertical lines on some of my stickers. I'm just curious if I got a bad batch or if it's normal? Thank you!

  19. I don’t have photoshop, so I’m running into trouble with the boxes for guides and getting things correct. Anyone have workarounds using feee programs that work on Mac?

    I created the image sheet using silhouette software and then exported to print.

    But dimensions are throwing me way off.

  20. Hi! Any cricut user here can tell me can we use cricut without home printer? By getting our prints from market then use cricut to only cut it?

  21. Hello! Would love to see the video on how you make bumper stickers. I'm wanting to make car decals but have no idea how to make them waterproof. Also I have a sublimation printer I'm trying to figure out how to accomplish this.

  22. Hey! Thank you so much for such a concise tutorial, exactly the steps I needed! I checked out the PPD sticker paper though and the reviews all say the quality has greatly declined as of late. Do you still use the same paper or have you switched to something else? Thank you so much!

  23. This was so helpful, thank you so much! I hate the way cricut design space handles printing so this is such a helpful tip

  24. This is a great tutorial but let me ask maybe a silly question but what do the squares do? Since the cricut isn’t reading them .

  25. Hi this is the 1st video am new. But wanted to know why did you peel the protective backing in minute 2.58 just before placing on mat? So did you put the backing back on once you lifted from cricut mat ? That was confusing…would they remain sticky without that backing you remove? Help . Am confuse

  26. Ok wait.
    Hold up

    What did you do to get these colors out of your Pixma-Pro 100??????

    Mine loses its mind on pinks purples (it also refuses to do line green)

    If you have a specific ICC Profile you found I will pay you ! 😂😂

  27. I’ve done this method to 5 different water resistant sticker papers and they do not last through my dishwasher.

  28. hi! this tutorial is so helpful! i am having issues making my stickers waterproof! 🙁 im using weatherproof sticker paper + the Avery laminating sheets, after i run then in water a bit of a gray mark appears on the edges of the sticker, could it be that i need to use a laminator? or some kind of different paper? im so frustrated ☹☹

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