Cara Membuat Stiker | Cricut vs Silhouette – Tutorial Stiker yang Dapat Dicetak

Cara Membuat Stiker | Cricut vs Silhouette – Tutorial Stiker yang Dapat Dicetak

Hari ini kami membuat stiker di rumah!

Saya akan memandu Anda melalui cara membuat stiker perencana Anda sendiri, baik menggunakan paket stiker yang dapat dicetak yang telah Anda beli atau bahkan menggunakan karya seni Anda sendiri – dan cara memotong stiker Anda dengan Cricut Maker® atau Silhouette Cameo® fitur ‘cetak lalu potong’.

Anda dapat menemukan versi tertulis di blog:

Dalam video ini:
00:00 Apa itu Stiker yang DAPAT DICETAK?
02:30 Memilih Kertas Stiker
03:12 Jenis File Stiker
04:30 Cara Membuat Stiker dengan Cameo Siluet
09:37 Cara Membuat Stiker dengan Cricut Maker
14:06 Membuat Stiker Kustom

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42 thoughts on “Cara Membuat Stiker | Cricut vs Silhouette – Tutorial Stiker yang Dapat Dicetak

  1. love the tech talk, dpis, bleeds, this is so important for professional level printing. The amount of work that you put into the videos and the blog version is just… wow

  2. Hi Sarah I have been told you can use the silhouette software with cricut machine so this may be something you could look into also. Hope it helps 🤓

  3. I love that you actually talk about the bleed and stuff, i am currently in an "advanced" class (2 actually, sadly with the same teacher because he is the head of the graphic arts department for my college.) And he just shrugs it off.

    I just have to get past these 2 classes left and ill never have to take his courses again. (Ive had 4 total.)

    But those are very important, and he as an attitude of "ehh, just forget them. They arent needed."

  4. Thank you so much for doing this. I love stickers and wanted to make stickers. However it seemed so complicated and overwhelming. So thank you for "dumbing it down". I am impressed, not only by your knowledge, but more importantly how well you explain this process of each process. You also discussed paper. It now sounds doable. I am even happier that I got in early. Forgot to say thank you for the free stickers. It helps to check out to what I want to make stickers.

  5. Im planning to make one for my commission portraits, to make additional efforts and give me clients good feedback 😍

  6. Hooooowdy and happy day from a frozen north Texas! Fascinating info! Can’t say I’ll justify a cricut over a luxurious new set of caren d’ache, some day… nonetheless really great tips and tricks! Thanks so much, as always, and chipper cheerios! 😁

  7. such high quality content!! I've never used my Cricut so I absolutely will come back to this when I want to use it because it's so confusing to me haha. I LOVE your sticker book, was just looking at it last night!

  8. I work in printing so thank you so much about talking of the importance of bleed and DPI!
    This is very valuable info for digital artists

  9. Amazing Sarah! You are so talented! I love your videos! And I can’t wait for you to reach 100k subscribers! Have a good day!

  10. I'm so glad you made this video! I have been very curious about stickers lately and this is one of the clearest videos I've seen on making them. Thank you! So helpful!

  11. I can’t thank you enough for covering the cameo as well as cricut. Most videos are cricut only, but I grabbed the cameo since there was no sub to access all features. I’d be happy with more videos of this type honestly.

  12. I’ve been looking at sticker makers some to be able to print the printable stickers but not really sure IF I really want to get one of those machines or not.

  13. So I use my circuit for making scale models and have noticed the same issue regarding the size… my workaround is to always put a box around my cut in my original file and make sure the image is cropped to the box. If I don’t do this I’ve noticed circuit’s makerspace will note the drawing size to where the objects are on the page, and not the size of the page. And because circuit’s makerspace resizes every high quality pdf i give it anyways, if I don’t use the box it’s very hard to make sure everything is in the appropriate scale. So when I import my image, I just tell cricut to make it the size of the box. Cricut always wants to cut out the box too but it tends to do that last so you can always cancel the cut before it cuts the box.

  14. You always have something wonderful to share. Thanks for the information & links. Appreciate your attention to detail. You have inspired me. Stay blessed! 🙏🏻

  15. I Love the video. Your so good at explaining how to do everything. Happy St. Valentines Day! to you, Sarah. 💝💘

  16. I tried choosing sticky notes as the material on my Cricut but still could not get a kiss cut. I’ve used sticker paper sheets and printable vinyl both, and with sticky notes setting it still cuts both layers. Thank you for this helpful video!

  17. Great to see you and Shane back SRC! Looking forward to more great art content in February. Glad to hear everyone is ok 🙂

  18. I definitely wanna make some with cricut, but when I asked my mum and told her the price, she completely flipped out.

  19. Lots of good information! I wish I had a Cricut or Silhouette to make use of it! Good luck with the views!

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