CARA MEMBUAT STIKER! / Dengan Siluet dan Procreate / Melakukan lembar stiker di rumah | STIKER DIY

CARA MEMBUAT STIKER! / Dengan Siluet dan Procreate / Melakukan lembar stiker di rumah | STIKER DIY

Halo semuanya, selamat datang kembali di video lain!
Yang ini sangat diminta dari Anda! Saya mencoba menjelaskan semuanya sedetail mungkin, saya harap ini membantu Anda 🙂 Jika Anda memiliki pertanyaan, tinggalkan di komentar dan saya akan melakukan yang terbaik untuk menjawabnya!

Hal-hal yang saya sebutkan dalam video ini:
Kertas Stiker Vinyl Matte:
Kertas Stiker:
pensil apel:
Silhouette Cameo (milik saya adalah Cameo 1, tidak untuk dijual lagi. Saya membelinya bekas):

Saya harap Anda menyukai video ini! Jika Anda melakukannya, silakan berlangganan, Itu sangat berarti bagi saya! Saya akan memposting video baru setiap minggu!




PO KOTAK: Apartado 2
9906686 EC – Santa Catarina CLD
2500-787 Santa Catarina CLD


Produk yang saya gunakan:
Pensil Apel:
Tripod Kecil:
Cameo Siluet:
Pemotong Kertas:


Hai, yang di sana! Nama saya Beatriz Penas dan saya seorang ilustrator portugis, senang bertemu dengan Anda! Saya telah mengambil ilustrasi saya lebih serius dan membuat bisnis dari itu sejak awal tahun 2019. Saya selalu mencoba untuk membuat lebih banyak ilustrasi dan lebih banyak produk dan saya pikir akan menyenangkan untuk membagikan proses saya! Semoga Anda menyukai video dan karya saya.

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Mudah-mudahan video diatas bisa menambah ide dan tambahan kreativitas. Jika mau cetak stiker online silahkan kontak tim percetakan stiker online. Bisa datang langsung ke percetakan atau bisa order online via Whatsapp +6281214165774

38 thoughts on “CARA MEMBUAT STIKER! / Dengan Siluet dan Procreate / Melakukan lembar stiker di rumah | STIKER DIY

  1. Hello … I just found your channel and I would love if you could put your titles in Spanish. It would be ideal!!
    You have very good videos;)
    Greetings from Chile 🇨🇱

  2. I just subscribed because your awesome and I learned a lot! Just bought a Silhouette and curious. So thank you so much

  3. Oi! adorei o seu canal!! Já vi vários vídeos seguidos!! Viu, que tamanho que você faz as suas cartelas de adeisivo? Entendi que vc ilustra primeiro em a4 para não perder qualidade na ilustração, mas ai que tamanho que ficam suas cartelas?

  4. Estou totalmente apaixonada por seu processo criativo! Sempre enviando energia positiva desse lado da tela ✨🙌🌿🌸

  5. That looked so complicated but I know I can get this!! I LOVE STICKERS 😭😭

  6. Cool! I need to check how to save my canvas to my photo editor! Ty so much for sharing! Great tips!

  7. Here is a small tip for you; instead of saving the logo and decoration together with your stickers, you can save them separately where you will save the sticker sheet as transparent png, and another png with backround of your logo and small decorations, and then when you upload the two files in the Silhouette Studio you will be able to put the background in the back, and stickers in the front, and only the stickers which were saved without background will have the cut lines. I did this with my Cricut, and now with Cameo 4 also, it saves me so much time. Thank you for amazing video :))

  8. thank you so muuuuuuch! this has been really helpful ♥ i'm starting my little business and this solved some doubts i had ^^ i still have to figure out the color settings for my printer. Could you make a video about different kind of papers? if it is possible
    ♥ thanks again!

  9. I can’t print in PS cause the image is larger than paper 😭😭😭😭 How i fix it.

  10. Hola! Im still deciding which cutting machine to buy but I loved your video! it really help me to understand how silhouette program works 🙂

  11. Great video, thank you for this! – May I ask what material you have the cut settings on ? I have this paper, but I am struggling so hard to cut my own stickers! – will try these settings though! <3

  12. YESS this was perfect! I just got gifted a Silhouette and this is exactly what I wanted to learn. Online search kept giving me vinyl tutorials. its similar but not the same. thank you!

  13. I noticed you have your design in the crosshatch part of the registration marks…Does it not confuse the cutter being too close to the registration marks?

  14. How off was your colour printing from silhouette? My first prints are totally off but then again my printer and Cameo 4 and sticker paper are all new and untested. Did you have to do any special calibrations in photoshop?

  15. Hello 🙂 Thank you so much for this helpfull tutorial <3 I have one question, I prepare stickers in procreate, create white borders, but when I add it into Silhouette as PNG, it does not mark cutting lines automaticaly and the border also have kind of grey line around. 🙁 When I was doing that some month ago, it was not happening, but now… Do you have any idea what it could be, please?

  16. Amazing! Thank for sharing. Can you update the link. I try find the white vynil and sticker paper on Amazon but I can find it 😔

  17. This video made me feel great because I have the very same equipment. I used to use Evergreen sticker paper but recently switched to Koala sticker paper because the finish is so much more vibrant. If you haven't already would you try the Koala sticker paper, would love to know what you think

  18. I’ve had 2 different silhouette machines for over a year and you’ve just changed my life with the different colour cutting lines!! Thank you!

  19. THANK YOU!!! I looked allllll over youtube for WEEKS trying to find someone to explain it where it made sense. I was
    finally able to get it to trace properly and get a kiss cut for my sticker sheets!! SUBBED!

  20. Hi bia i been watching you and inspired me to start my sticker shop im only on the process and i have a long long way to go to open mine i have the canon ix 6820 i think thats the version of your here in the us i dont know if your gonna be able to help me but its worth to ask i have wasted so much pAper and ink on this so i decided to ask hope you dont mind when i print my artwork my printer prints wrong color my brown is pink im currently trying to print a drawing of a bear and i have a pink bear instead of brown i have tried everything i know and research some but have no luck i dont know what im doing wrong ive drawn in procreate 5000×5000 canvas srgb profile transfer it to silhouette to be saved as pdf and transfer it to photoshop but when i print in photoshop its pink have you ever had this problem thank you so much and thank you for showing your process it really helps us newbies thanks again

  21. How did you prevent pixelated stickers, I changed the setting on procreate and it looks great. Once I transfer them too silhouette it shows a lot of pixels TIA

  22. Thank you! My Cricut died on me and I had to use someone's Silhouette and it's a completely diff learning curve. I do prefer printing from Cricut as the colors are more vibrant. So I hope I can get this PDF thing figured out. Printing from Photoshop would be so much better than through Silhouette!

  23. Heya! Thank you so much for this tutorial, it was so incredibly helpful! I heard so many people struggle with getting their Silhouette to work when they first get it. But your Tutorial was so bullet proof and easily understandable, I made it work the first time I used it on my stickers (excluding the first time where I did not properly click in the blade, haha). Thank you so much! It is also so good to see people making their own products from home <3

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