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  1. Yo wtf? You copied weird flamingos exact technique! When I first saw her technique I loved it as I hadn't seen it done. Did some research and she came up with it. In early 2020 so we love a copy cat 😀

  2. This is a girl was great for me because I have a fungus theme to room and I don't have any stickers for anymore cuz we used all of them so then I found this video and I was like Yay I can add more stickers to my room

  3. I made these stickers with my friends, we love them… we took alot of sandwitch bags…. LOL We made a sticker club thanks to your idea! the school loves it!

  4. when you want to make it but you realise you live in brazil and in brazil we dont have zip lock bags: holy fucking shit

  5. Omg this is perfect! Definitely going to be trying this out! This seems like a lot of fun, I’m going to be checking your channel out! 😀 and I will subscribe! Tysm.

  6. I made a shrek sticker.
    A Kermit sticker.
    A shocked Pikachu sticker and more.
    I'm not disappointed 🙂

    Edit: I also made ice cream stickers 😀

  7. THANK YOU THIS! I made wonderful space stickers and their so cute! 🌠🌍🪐☄️🌑🌕🌞

  8. Can u pin me I never got ever pinned At any video 🥺 Please BTW ur the best don't let anyone you down Or You can heart me I don't really care 🙂

  9. I finally found a video that doesn't do digital drawings for stickers!! Here comes a new subscriber 😀

  10. "make sure not to touch the sticky part around the sticker"

    casually PoKeS sticky part around the sticker

  11. gurl tysm! I've been searching every where how to make it with thing i have at home ty ty tysm!

  12. If you want just one stick or you can just cut it out and leave it on the background and whenever you are ready to use it you can pull it off it works because that’s what I do

  13. may i ask can is there anything else i can use excep the sandwich bag?bc i don't have one of those sandwich bag ;-;

  14. it didn’t work for me 🙁 i don’t understand, did you not tell me to put the tape on the FRONT of the photo or did you say the back

  15. This has to be one of the BEST hacks iv ever seen ngl this was My first video I watched on ur channel and its amazing! I'm a new sub! 🙂

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