Cara Membuat Stiker Foil yang *sempurna* // Sticker Guru

Cara Membuat Stiker Foil yang *sempurna* // Sticker Guru

Dapatkan PANDUAN FOILING Anda di sini (+tips bonus!):

– Kertas Stiker Glossy Clear:
– pencetak laser HP:
– Potret Siluet:
– Matras Pemotongan Penyembuhan Diri:
– Pisau Putar:
– Laminator Termal Tamerica:
– Laminator yang lebih terjangkau dari Tamerica:
– Minc:
– Laminator Termal Amazon Basics:
– Stok Kartu:
– Merek foil yang telah kami gunakan secara pribadi sebelumnya! Mereka memiliki banyak pilihan foil:

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48 thoughts on “Cara Membuat Stiker Foil yang *sempurna* // Sticker Guru

  1. This video is so helpful and we can really see how much hard work it is to make stickers . Thanks for sharing . please do the foiled kit one aswell .

  2. Muy claro, gracias por la explicación, por favor podrías poner el nombre de las otras marcas de foil

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! I was wondering, how is it possible for you silhouette to scan the marks on the clear paper? With my silhouette it doesn’t work! I always have to make little corners with white sticker paper so my machine can scan them. 💕

  4. While I appreciate the time it took to put this video together the brand of foil you use is a MASSIVE element of how successful your foiling is. It’s a bit like making a video on how to make the best roast potatoes and then not sharing the type of potatoes you use. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. Hi, what vinyl cutter did you use and did you have to print via vinyl cutter software as "print to cut" ? Everything else you showed were simple and crystal clear. Thanks.

  6. Does the way you store the foil matter? I was putting a rubber band around mine but then realized maybe I shouldn’t do that

  7. When I foil, I still get speckles in the foil. I have put a new toner in the laser printer. Do you have any ideas?

  8. Thank you so much for all the great tips and sharing how you foil your stickers! I found this video so helpful for making stickers for personal use. I would love to see how you foil your kits and any other “how to” videos!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this! I foil some for the fun of it but still purchase from shops. I have your monthly sub box too! After I started doing a bit of foiling, I was so appreciative of shops that offer foiled kits and stickers.

  10. Omg please share your tips for foiling kits ya girl over here is struggling so much lol I have one foiled kit I offer now and it took me forever to do hahah

  11. Thank you so much, it helped A LOT! Now I need to discover how to configurate my laser printer 🥲 hahaha thanks again!!

  12. Thank you SO much for putting this together! And yes I would love to see your foiling technique for your kits. Thank you thank you thank you!

  13. Thank you for this video. I really wanted to foil my candle labels. And this video is very helpful.

  14. Thanks a lot! I’ve done stickers like this in the past but the foil came off when I scratched them. Does this happen with this paper/foil?

  15. I am in the market for a laser printer and just curious if the one you posted in the links only prints black and white? I’m new to the whole laser printer concept and want to be able to use it for waterslide as well.

  16. I love your works, i am just confused because of thinking, are they been kiss cut individually or they are all together?. Sorry just curious.

  17. do you know how to remove the silver foil and turn some of it see through?

  18. I don’t know if this will be seen, but I’ve been trying to make clear foil stickers with a laminator but every time the foil covers the entire sticker not just the places where there’s toner. I’ve tried two types of sticker paper, one which seemed to be recommended across the board for this (online labels brand) and both times I’ve had the same experience, am I doing something wrong? 😅

  19. No your toner does not last literally forever it lasts figuratively forever. It's not that difficult of a distinction.

  20. Hello, beautiful, a question, when u cut first the stickers don’t get imperfections because of the dust of the paper? That happened to me

  21. Can I use a heat press used for t-shirts instead of a laminator? Just put it on low setting….Or would it be too hot?

  22. Thanks for this video, it helpful, but i have issues when with Result, so my words not covered all with foil, still i have like a black dots.😞😞😞😞
    I tried many different way, but I don’t know what i do. Please please I would appreciate if you answer me . Thanks so much

  23. What cutting machine do you recommend for personal use? Looking to buy on either the new year. For stickers and vinyls

  24. Thank you for sharing! I just purchased a laser printer, MINC and a cameo to make stickers for myself and my daughters. I would love to know how you foil/design your kits!

  25. WHY DID I THINK THIS WAS SO MUCH HARDER THAN IT IS!? THANK YOU!! About to do my first set of foiling!

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